Up until recently if your heard someone talking about leaky gut they probably had a pony-tail and sandals. And up until recently it was laughed at by the medical profession. It was nothing more than a theory developed within the alternative circles to explain how inflammation in the gut could lead to an increasing number of food intolerances. That is of course until a few years ago when Alessio Fasano discovered Zonulin, the chemical responsible for making our guts ‘leaky’ (1).


As a nutritionist, I seldom get a client who doesn’t have some sort of problem with their digestion. For a lot of people bloating, gas or cramps are the norm, or often food just seems to sit in the stomach. Digestive problems are on the rise in the western world and our modern diet and life-style are the driving force behind it. (1)


T’was a lovely day to be sitting in the park, so I decided to make a quick video detailing some of my protocols for working with fatigue and low energy levels. Fatigue is something I’ve personally have to overcome and I’ve experienced life on both sides of the fence, being both exhausted all the time and having incredible amounts of energy. I work with clients energy levels all the time and in this video you’ll find out some of the standard things I do with them that really make the difference.


Heartburn is very common and see it all the time with the people I work with. Sometimes people don’t get heartburn but they do feel that food sometimes just sits in their stomach. In either case, the root cause is the same.

Usually when someone is faced with heartburn and that uncomfortable feeling like the food is not digesting they will turn to antacids to remedy the problem. This has the effect of neutralising the stomach acid (know as Hydorchloric acid or HCL) and the heart burn goes away. Problem solved, or so you think, till the condition comes back again.


I was recently on a Dublin Radio Show promoting my talks on Auto-Immune Disease and Gut-Barrier Function. Autoimmune disease occurs when the immune system becomes dysregulatied and attacks cells of the body, mistaken them for foreign invaders. Common types of autoimmune disease include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac Disease, Inflammatory Bowel disease, Hashimoto’s, Type 1 Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis.


peppermint 3I personally use essential oils every day, both to enhance my state of well-being and to rescue me when I get myself in a fix. For example, the other day I got off a boat with a bad case of seasickness. My stomach felt ill and I had a headache. So I took out some peppermint and inhaled it a few times and amazingly my stomach settled down and the headache dissipated.  Ok, it’s not that amazing really, the ability of peppermint to settle the stomach and relieve headaches is very well know. But what is not very well know is that essential oils could help with weight loss.

Helping you to overcome; Chronic Fatigue, Burnout, Insomnia, Digestive Issues and IBS

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