Here at the International Clinic of Nutrition, we specialise in helping people with constant fatigue, digestive issues, body-wide pain and insomnia. We uncover the root cause of the issue and use natural medicine to help you to fully recover.

Focus Areas

At the International Clinic of Nutrition, we help people who are tired all time. From our clinical work we’ve noticed that people with constant fatigue usually come with other issues, such as digestive problems, mood disorders, cognitive issues, insomnia and unexplained pain in their bodies.

The conventional approach treats each of these conditions separately. It’s concerned with the presenting symptoms and tries to alleviate each of these as if they are unrelated to each other.

The problem with this approach is that there isn’t always a drug that is effective. Even when there is, it can come with unwanted side effects. But more than this, the body never actually recovers from the presenting problems. Instead, it’s a lifetime of medication to mask the undesired symptoms with only partial success.

Here at the International Clinic of Nutrition, we take a different approach. We follow the functional medicine method which aims at getting to the root cause of the problem. By healing the body at this level, it’s returned to a state of great health in which symptoms are naturally not present.

Instead of seeing all the presenting conditions as separate, we look at how one condition can be influencing another. We also look for the underlying issues that are causing the conditions in the first place. Once we have all this information we can map out the client’s health and see exactly where to work in order to restore energy and good health.

We use leading-edge lab testing to give us further information and complete the picture. The biomarkers in these tests are designed to highlight underlying areas that can lead to disease. The research is very up to date, so much so that your doctor may not even be aware of them.

Rather than leaving you depending on drugs, we take a more natural approach. We work with you over a number of months helping you to form habits that lead to lasting changes in your health and energy levels. Diet and healthy habits form the backbone of our recovery plan.

We also use nutritional supplements and herbs where needed to correct biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies, as well as eliminate unwanted pathogens. This more holistic approach is gentler on your system while getting to the root cause of your problems so that robust health is achieved.

Even with the same condition or diagnosis, the root cause for any two individuals may be completely different. We don’t focus on labels but instead seek to uncover what the underlying biochemical imbalances are that manifest as ill-health. We look at what’s causing these imbalances and make the corrections there.

Just as no two patients are the same, no two care plans are either. During each consultation, we create an individualised protocol that allows the patient to take their next steps towards wellness. This sort of personalised care can only happen when you have a deep understanding of the individual’s health.

It’s not something that can happen in the standard GP visit which lasts a mere 7 minutes on average. We take our time with our clients and on average spend between 45-90 minutes per consultation so that we can deliver the best possible interventions that get to the heart of the matter and provide lasting improvements.

Whether this approach is called functional medicine, naturopathic medicine or nutrition therapy, it is in our mind the only approach that leaves you completely symptom-free and healthy, without the need for ongoing treatments.