Getting Clear!

So far we’ve looked at many key elements that could be affecting your fatigue. Often the shoe fits and just based upon your symptoms you can hypnotise about a lot of the things going on.

However, often there is an element of uncertainty or multiple possibilities to be explored. This is where diagnostic testing comes in. Based on what you’re showing up with, I can recommend various tests what can shed some light on your biochemistry and pinpoint with certainty what’s going on for you.

In this video, I take a look at the various tests that I commonly use. We’ll look at some sample reports and discover just how they can help us get to the bottom of your fatigue condition so that we can create the right protocol that will bring you back to awesome health and vitality.

You’ve learnt a lot of useful information so far in the other videos.  But don’t guess what’s going on. Test!

With the right information, the right choices can be made, which saves you time and stress and lets you get back to the business of living a fulling and enjoyable life much faster.

Check the video out now and find out how to improve your understanding of your health.

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