Up until recently if your heard someone talking about leaky gut they probably had a pony-tail and sandals. And up until recently it was laughed at by the medical profession. It was nothing more than a theory developed within the alternative circles to explain how inflammation in the gut could lead to an increasing number of food intolerances. That is of course until a few years ago when Alessio Fasano discovered Zonulin, the chemical responsible for making our guts ‘leaky’ (1).

Your doctor still might not of heard of leaky gut but he will. Pharmaceutical companies are working to bring out new drugs to deal with the problem to reduce symptoms of IBS and relieve food intolerances. How effective they will be is not certain, but what we can be sure of is that by healing inflammation in our guts, we can make them less leaky and improve our digestion tremendously.

In this video, I explain exactly what leaky gut is and what you can do about it.

My Leaky Gut Story

Personally, I’ve suffered from extremely bad leaky good. It’s actually what got me into nutrition. At the time I was experiencing bloating, gas, cramping and alternating constipation and diahorrea. At one point it got so bad I could not eat something without experiencing a lot of abdominal pain. Drinking alcohol or eating sugar where totally out of the question. My stomach would feel like things were stuck there and just not moving.

I had many food intolerances. Even benign things like rooibosh tea where causing me problems. The reason I was experiencing so many intolerances was that my gut was so leaky and my digestion was so bad. Undigested food particles would easily make their way across the gut wall where they would be set upon by my immune system. This would create inflammation which would in turn make my gut even leakier!

It was quite a miserable time in my life. Fortunately I had support from a nutritionist who was able to identify the problem and put me on a diet that would allow my gut to heal. I stuck to the diet religiously and within a few months I was feeling much better and able to have many of the foods I previously enjoyed.

If you feel you have a leaky gut or have any questions, let me know in the comments section below.

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