Heartburn is very common and see it all the time with the people I work with. Sometimes people don’t get heartburn but they do feel that food sometimes just sits in their stomach. In either case, the root cause is the same.

Usually when someone is faced with heartburn and that uncomfortable feeling like the food is not digesting they will turn to antacids to remedy the problem. This has the effect of neutralising the stomach acid (know as Hydorchloric acid or HCL) and the heart burn goes away. Problem solved, or so you think, till the condition comes back again.

You see the problem with heartburn is not that there is too much acid in the stomach, but too little. This causes the stomach to squelch very hard and it weakens the esophageal sphincter and pushes acid up into the esophagus, hence causing the burning sensation.  This condition is known as hypochondria.

The problem with antacids is that while they reduce the acid which leads to less burning of the delicate esophageal lining, they also suppress acid production which actually makes the condition worse in the long run. The nice little money spinner for the pharmaceutical industry there, except it, isn’t little. Antacids which are available over the counter are the second biggest sales producers for the pharmaceutical industry after cholesterol-lowering satins. Antacids don’t get the root cause of the problem, they only mask the symptom, which is a nice cash cow for the pharmaceutical industry.

So what can we do then to rid ourselves of heartburn and actually improve our condition, or at least not make it any worse? The answer is to supplement with Digestive Enzymes that contain Betaine Hydrochloric Acid  (HCL). I recommend this to about 50% of my clients and the results are fantastic. One or perhaps two capsules per main meal and the symptoms disappear. HCL is important to keep the stomach sterile and if it’s low problems in the intestine can occur as dangerous microbes are allowed to get past the stomach, fermenting the food and creating toxins. This leads to many more problems down the road.

For a lot of people taking digestive enzymes with HCL will help to relieve and gastric disorders. However, if the pH of the intestine has become too acidic, then HCL may bloating or a nauseous feeling, in which case I’d recommend using pancreatic enzymes. These are free of HCL but still, get the job done of breaking down food and relieving gastric stress.

Another safe and effective way to stimulate gastric juices while reducing inflammation of the gut is to supplement peppermint oil. It increases hcl, destroys unwanted microbes and relieves irritation of intestinal lining. It’s usually available in capsule form.

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